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About Us

   Founded in 1995, Liyada Translation Co., Ltd. specializes in written translation, consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation related to many languages like English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish. With more than 30 professional translators in all fields, our Company can offer translation services in connection with finance, trade, laws, IT, aviation, construction, medicine, electronic mechanics, chemical engineering, biology, environmental protection, social science, insurance, energy resources, sports events, international exhibitions, documents for visa application, film &TV products, tourism, catering, etc. In addition, we can translate your website information and make webpage in many languages. We provide professional translation services for customers through strict quality control system, standardized operation flow and professional examination standard. We have established a complete set of internal quality management system and strict operation process because we deem that translation is not only the explanation of words and languages, but also the expression of original texts’ connotation and style from the context, together with the expression of colloquialism, slang and technical terms. We have been used to solving the problems in language and specialty by referring to relevant information or consulting experts so as to ensure accurate and authoritative translation. We are well aware that the translation services of high quality and high efficiency demand the solid bilingual knowledge of translators and the correct division of translation work. For any translation projects, we promise to assign the experienced translators with relevant knowledge background to offer translation services so as to satisfy various business requirements of customers. After 10 years’ professional operation since its foundation, our Company has won high praises from all customers by our advanced management philosophy, strict quality management system, excellent service, good hardware facilities and network technique. Our company has grown into a domestic famous translation service provider and been recognized by many translation companies from USA, Russia, Germany and Japan. In management process, we firmly adhere to the operation concept of “specialty, honesty and speed”. Since the quality is the lifeline of the enterprise and related to its development, we will serve our customers by sincere attitude and specialized translation quality. It is your optimal choice to cooperate with us.

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